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This website represents Intellectual Output 4 of the New Agro Net Erasmus+ Project. Here you will find useful information to learn about agribusiness and about which tools you can use to start digitalizing your activities in order to build a thriving agricultural business. You can navigate through all the pages and resources for free. We suggest to take the time to explore all the content and to indulge on all the external resources and links for a better and thorough understanding of the implications related to starting your own business in agriculture.

The world of agriculture is constantly changing. This is due to climate change, business needs, market shifts and to the infinite strategies you can define to start your path in the agribusiness world. Remember that it does not matter the size of your farm or production. You can still make the best out of what you have and implement your business management with up-to-date tools that will help you throughout every process.

Still, the most important thing is committing to the soil, crops, livestock and resources you have; remembering that they have to be preserved at their best in order to give back the fruits you expect. If you are to start your own agribusiness, we suggest to deepen your knowledge by all means available and to rely on sustainable energy, resources and machines.

Navigate the website, take your time, learn something new and make your business thrive.

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The New AgroNET Project

New AgroNET is a project with the main objective of promoting and consolidating the creation of new companies in the agri-food sector.
To achieve this goal, New AgroNET has the following specific objectives:

  • To use innovative digital technologies that are present, free and already available on the market.

  • To improve students’ profiles by providing them with innovative tools and approaches based on real cases.

  • Increase opportunities for students by helping them in their professional development. Change the paradigm of “agricultural exploitation” to “agribusiness”.

  • To help create a more modern and professional environment in basic schools that encourages entrepreneurship, and increases motivation to work in the agri-food sector.


In this page you will be redirected to useful resources for business, creativity, learning and ispiration