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European projects


Intellectual outputs 3

Guide on sustainable start-up creation with renewable energies.

LIFE Ada - Adaptation in Agriculture

A set of adaptation actions is proposed below, drawn up thanks to the contribution of

experts in the areas of agronomics, meteorology, economics, etc. For each of these, certain

explanatory items are presented which allow an assessment of the applicability of the

individual actions to their commercial farms, more specifically: the agro-food supply chain,

climate risk, range of action, contribution towards mitigation, technical difficulties, ideal farm

size, effectiveness, time-frame and costs/benefits.


Manual for agricultural VET teachers

The transformation of citrus waste in bioproducts. Techniques, methodologies and



Activity 1: Toolkit on European project design and implementation.

It is useful if as a future farmer, you would like to know more about European projects and


LIFE Low Carbon Feed

Deliverables on the technical-economic viability of the waste management (citrus and rice

straw) for its recovery in feed for ruminants in order to reduce GHG emissions.