New agribusiness

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What is this website about?

This website represents Intellectual Output 4 of the New Agro Net Erasmus+ Project. Here you will find useful information to learn about agribusiness and about which tools you can use to start digitalizing your activities in order to build a thriving agricultural business. You can navigate through all the pages and resources for free. We suggest to take the time to explore all the content and to indulge on all the external resources and links for a better and thorough understanding of the implications related to starting your own business in agriculture.

You will learn:

  • What is Agribusiness

  • What is business planning

  • What is business modeling

  • How to define your value proposition

  • Which tools to use to promote your business online

  • What are digital ecosystems

  • Where to keep learning remotely

  • Why data-driven decision-making is important

  • What is GIS data

You can also find interesting resources to find inspiration and to learn more about the future of agriculture.

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