Google Workspace

What Is Google Workspace and How Do You Use It?


Google Workspace is essentially G Suite 2.0. It is an all-in-one collaboration, communication, and productivity tool. Since Google launched Workspace for all Gmail users, a lot of valuable tools are now available for free. But what exactly are these tools? Are there any uses for them? Here's everything you need to know about Google Workspace.


But this is just the beginning, there's much more to discover.

Learn how Google has been helping farmers all over the world.
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3 examples of how Google Cloud impacted the Agribusiness sector

Do you think that this is too advanced for you?

Don't worry. It's all easier than it seems.
And - most of all - you don't have to do it all alone.

There's a lot you can get from even the simplest tools!

Well, let's make an example.

You are running a farm that is producing fresh and delicious products but you don't know how to sell them on your own. Many farmers have been reflecting on this, recently. The question is, here, how to maximise your visibility and growth through the digital transformation of your business. Let's say that you would like to build a direct contact with your customers and monetise your work without feeding supermarkets and similar major companies.

You can set a website, with an embedded e-commerce platform, deliver your products straight to your customers and build a small-scale local community you can get support from.

What do you need to do all that? Just a Google Account and a few apps.

Let's list what you could use all this for:

With Google Sites you can create your own website (like the one you're visiting right now). You can even set up a proper e-shop (using Ecwid, for instance), without any coding experience whatsoever. You can also easily improve your presence on Google Search and Google Maps, thanks to Google My Business. All your communications, customer support activities and product launches can be managed with Gmail. You can even set up a proper newsletter (with Mailchimp, for example) to collect your customers email addresses, create a community to share your ideas with and promote your business to. All your documents, papers and business-related material can be safely stored in Google Drive and made accessible from any device, even offline. With Google Forms you can set up product-order forms and surveys for your customers to fill in. With Google Sheets you can keep up with all the accounting, manage and follow-up orders, deliveries and much more. With Google Docs you can write projects to get funding for your farm and with slides you can create beautiful and powerful presentations to promote and share your business ideas.

See? All that, together, makes a basic yet powerful ecosystem.
Why not give it a try?

Google Sites

Build your own website


Keep in touch

Google Drive

Access your files anywhere

Google My Business

Help people find you

Google Sheets

Collaborate on spreadsheets

Google Docs

Collaborate on shared documents

Google Slides

Collaborate on shared slides

Google Forms

Collect information